Message From Jerry!

Jerry Doubleday - President

As The Teamster Riders move forward in 2012, I’m excited about the direction we are heading. The strength of the Teamster Riders starts with the Strong Core of Officers and Members. The bond of friendship between The Teamster Riders is stronger than ever before. This Brotherhood of TR Members and Family is what will make 2012 the best and most productive year to date.

We will continue to support our Military Youth by making it possible for them to enjoy some special time in the beautiful mountains of Big Bear Lake at Laurel Pines Camp, Where they can get away and enjoy all the Camp has to Offer.

We will also continue our friendship with the Patriot Guard Riders. Supporting the PGR has always been a priority for the Teamster Riders. We must show Respect for those who have risked their lives for our Freedom and Security.

I also Pledge that the Teamster Riders will reach out and make every effort to support all that have supported the TR in the past. We have made many good friends and supporting each other is what makes our Events Successful.

The Teamster Riders are ready to make 2012 the best year ever. We look forward to sharing the road with all our friends and families and supporting all our worthy causes.

In Solidarity

Jerry Doubleday

President Teamster Riders